Advance Advice: Christmas Shopping

Walk down the high street today and you’ll already seen every window kitted out for Christmas. There’s a reason stores plan this far ahead; they’re desperate for your business. The run up to Christmas is the time of year where people tend to focus on money the least as they’ll spend too much on their loved ones. To stop yourself from falling in to financial problems that will rear their ugly head in the new year, here are some ideas to focus and hone in on that will hopefully keep you form being out of pocket.

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Just Say No
You might find yourself in the situation where you’re in a store and want to buy a gift, but don’t have the money to get it. Temptation will lead you towards getting that shiny new store card because there’s a special discount for new members today. Don’t go kidding yourself in to thinking that card will solve your present problem. For many consumers, getting the card is the just the start of a problem where owing a store money will be lumped in with the rest of your outgoings. Unless you definitely know you can pay off that card straight away, don’t ever get one.

You Never Will Pay Later
In the same vein as the cards, if you’re in a catalogue or electrical store and they’re offering a buy now/ pay later scheme don’t even think about it. The last thing you want to do is get that new gift for the family and continue to pay for it well in to autumn next year.

Don’t Go To The Bank
If you can’t afford a gift, then you can’t afford a gift. Don’t go to the bank asking for an increase to your overdraft. It may solve the quick-term problem of getting the perfect present for your loved one, but it won’t solve the long term problem of credit card bills stacking up in the new year.

Other Options

There’s a lot of ways to make money which you are entitled to. Sometimes you can be suitable for funding, so it’s always worth double checking this. As there could be money waiting for you to collect. Maybe you own a business and you are looking for ways to pay less money to organisations to stay open, you could be paying to much. If you have a look at the following link you’ll be able to find out what is the purpose of a company issuing stock? Giving your employee’s the change to buy or gain stocks from their employers is a great way to improve work ethic and togetherness in the workplace. Among other frequently asked questions.

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