The Property Game

While some may be put off by the thought of the high amounts of money involved, the property market still has a lot to offer people.You might not have hundreds of thousands of pounds sitting in the bank but you could be sitting on a decent amount of money in the property that you own. More and more people are starting to look into how they can make that value work for them.

While buying and selling property for many is a stressful time, some see it as just another business deal and having the foresight and vision to spot properties that can offer value is important. If you are willing to put in the time and effort into restoring a project there is a lot of money to be made.

Selling your home and moving into a project can also free up a lot of money so if you are struggling financially it can help in that way too.

It is not an ideal option for everyone but there is a lot of money to be made if you have the patience and work ethic to see a plan through to the end.

If you are buying a home remember that location is key, whether you have the foresight to get into an area before the market grows or you plan to buy in an already established area you might want to think about what would entice someone else to buy it should you choose to move in the future.

Local amenities, entertainment, shops, restaurants and more will make a big impact on not only the desirability of your property but also the value. Living above a busy nightclub and kebab shop in Hull might not be as desirable to most people as a neighborhood with a few coffee shops, a world famous hairdresser, bespoke boutiques or specialist surgeries  but you will have to consider that these places will command quite a big fee initially.

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There is also the option of selling a property to release the capital and then going on to rent until you are in a position to buy again. You could speak to an estate agent to see where your options may lie.

Remember that before making any decision of this size, get all the facts and as much advice from experts as you can.

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