Advance Your Cash This Winter

As we settle further into winter, the nights draw in nearer and we find ourselves spending more and more time in doors. It is also the time over year when you will likely notice your energy bills going up through the roof as we struggle to fight off the cold and keep our homes light through the long dark nights.

With energy prices forever increasing it is important that we finds ways to save money on our energy bills and manage the amount of energy that we consume properly. We don’t expect you to wrap yourself up in fibreglass insulation and hibernate for the winter, but there are a few energy saving tips you can follow that will help you to save a significant amount over the cold season.

For starters, if you haven’t done so already then you should consider upgrading you boiler and heating controls. Old boilers are by and large much less efficient than new ones however with the cost of a new boiler often amounting to thousands of pounds it is understandable that replacing the old boiler all together is often not cost effective. In that case you should definitely invest in a timer for your thermostat; this allows you to set your boiler so that it only comes on at certain times of the day when people will be in the house and using the heat. Ideally only use brand manufactured spare parts as some 3rd party parts can damage other parts of you boiler system. You can find a number of brand boiler parts, spares and accessories at MJT Controls including the TYJ6202-01B Simmerstat.

Installing thermostatic radiator valves gives you extra control over your heating system by allowing you to control which radiators come on and at what level meaning you can save heat by turning off radiators in disused rooms, such as spare bedrooms or a small study.

If your house currently does not have cavity wall and loft insulation then you should inquire about getting some through the government’s grant scheme by contacting your local authority. Under the provisions of the scheme many people qualify top get this done for free if they qualify for specific forms of benefits. Even if you don’t qualify for free insulation, the grant scheme also offers massive discounts to home owners who still want their home to be insulated adequately. They also do similar grants for homes in need of double glazed windows.

Perhaps one of the most simple ways to help heat you home that bit more is to insert a shelf on top of – but not touching – you radiators. This forces the heat from the radiator our and into the room instead of allowing it to rise straight up towards the ceiling. Investing in some thick curtains to draw over your windows at night time and draft excludes to put underneath exterior doors will also help to reduce heat loss.


Another simple yet effective was of saving money is to do what high-street shops are giving you the option of, loyalty cards. People tend to avoid loyalty cards because they will convince themselves that they wont shop regularly within the one shop to get proper use and benefit from it. But that doesn’t matter. For example, the other day when I was in Starbucks, I was unaware- but my coffee ended up costing me nothing, because I had used my loyalty card with previous purchases over the past few years. Saving me over £3. If you visit a shop like Starbucks and you are offered a loyalty card. Pick one up next time.

But what if you want to advance your cash within a business and not in your personal life? There is many ways of doing so. Paying for things that you need as early as possible is a great idea, why? Because there will be times when your business isn’t making too much money, and in time like that, a breakdown of an important machine could be vital. So that industrial refrigerator which has been turning it’s self off every now and then, that you depend on to keep all the food in your restaurant fresh, should probably get replaced before the situation gets worse. Companies such as Inducomm sell industrial suited equipment for cheap. Not only is their products new and completely functional – they are completely sustainable. Check out their Industrial Chillsers here:


find a plumber

Find me a plumber

In the summer the last thing we think about is spending spare cash on a radiators/boilers/fix ups, as the weather and temperature rises in these months, although – you’ll probably find that this is THE BEST time to get some of the much needed household repairs fixed. Why is this the case? In the winter plumbers and manufacturers of heating technology are much higher in demand so you might notice that radiators don’t tend to be on sale in the winter months. Plumbers tend to be more available during the summer too, as a boiler breakdown or heating problem isn’t as significant. When looking for a plumber we’d suggest looking around for a plumber within your perfect price range – this will ultimately save you cash, it’s so easy now too; with the inclusion of websites which do the long work for you and compare plumbers all over the UK based on your location and price

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