Holiday Money Saving Tips

Living on a budget can be hard work but it doesn’t mean that you have to entirely cut out all of your luxuries, and that includes holidays. By making sensible decisions it is possible to take a break without breaking the bank.

We are going to look at some of the top ways to save money if you are hoping to holiday on a budget.


If you are going abroad and need to change your money, shop about. Find the best conversion rates around and don’t settle for the first one you see. If you use your card abroad remember you might be charged a fee and get a poor exchange rate so always be aware of the extra costs. If you bring money home do the same thing, don’t settle for the first exchange rates you see, find the best ones for you.


Find the best insurance deal by searching about online but make sure the cover you receive is good enough. If you pay for a bank account you might get free travel insurance or be entitled to a discount, by investigating this you could save a good bit of money.

Don’t be Picky

If you are not looking for a particular destination then you might be able to snap up a cheap deal, if you are willing to leave it late some last minute deals can be incredible.

Go All Inclusive or Dine Out

All-inclusive deals can be good and save you a bit of money but it is worth checking out the general cost of living because if you are paying extra you might be able to go half board or self-catering and save money.

Book Ahead

If you aren’t keen on leaving things to the last minute and like to know exactly what you are doing in plenty of time you can book ahead and make savings. Booking your holiday well in advance can sometimes allow you to take advantage of offers from travel companies looking to make a head start on next year’s bookings.

Stay Out of the Sun

Holidays do not always mean lying on a beach in the blazing sun. More and more people are taking winter breaks and enjoying Europe’s top ski and snowboarding resorts. There are great savings to be made by finding the best packages and locations. For anyone looking for family ski holidays Tignes, Val d’Isere and St Anton all have excellent facilities that will make your stay an enjoyable one.

Just take a look at the links provided below for examples on how to find good deals for winter holidays and ski holidays in 2015 and 2016.’isere

Certain holiday providers who have an exclusive partnership with their accommodation, Like Mark Warner, can offer savings other companies cannot. It is also worth noting that not all of these deals will be on holiday comparison sites. Comparison sites will find you the best deals on the holidays that they cover, that doesn’t always mean it is the best deal out there.

Holiday at Home

The UK has so much to offer that thousands of people travel from all around the world every year to holiday here. With so much to see and do it could be time for you to make the most of what’s on your doorstep.

Travel in a Group

The likes of Groupon can pass savings onto customers by buying in bulk, the same principle can be translated to holidays with larger groups being able to bring the cost per head down dramatically. Booking up with a group of friends or family might cut costs.

These are just some ways to cut costs if you are planning a holiday but the most important way to do this is by not settling on a price, shop about. Very rarely will you find the best deal on the market first time.

If you are looking for suggestions for a group holiday, Malta is always a great choice due to the diversity of the destination. With the scenery, nightlife and the beach there is so much to do. We’d highly suggest that you have a look at what Malta can offer you, no matter what age you and your group are:


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