When facing our debts it can seem like a juggling act figuring out which payments need to be made first. Don’t let the pressure of warnings through the letterbox panic you in to paying off those debts which may cause more hindrance to getting yourself sorted in the long term. We’ve listed some of what are described as ‘priority debts’

Above all else put this top of the pile. If you don’t sort out these payments then it will simply result in you losing your home. It can sometimes be an option to downsize as this may free up money from your property to help you deal with your debts. For more advice on how to get your home on the market or look at properties that will be suitable for you try these Marlborough estate agents.

Energy Bills
Saving your house is important. Making sure you can live easily is next. Don’t pay these bills and you won’t have a functioning house to live in.

Council Tax
It might be the most grating to pay off, but it still needs to be done. If you don’t sort out your housing tax, your council may enforce the payment but adding on penalties and issue a summons to court that will be costly and a massive waste of your time.

parking ticket

In the same vein as above, if you happen to get a parking notice for example then pay it off as soon as you can. Most councils offer you the chance to pay the notice when advertised as ‘half price’ for a few weeks. If it goes unpaid a creditor can ask to any of your wages or bank balance frozen until you pay up. You might even wake up to find your car is clamped in the driveway.

Income Tax
In the UK any income tax evasion usually results in fines and maybe even going to court. Its extremely rare to see an evader here get sent to prison with the same frequency in which its advertised as news in America.

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