Tips For Renting A Property

Searching for a good rental property? The supposed adventure involved can be incredibly easy if you know what to look out for. Whether you’re looking for homes to let in Gorleston or an apartment in Liverpool, you can never go wrong following these rules.

1. Ask lots of questions
You want to seem knowledgeable about any property, so always be asking your estate agent questions no matter how silly they might seem. Estate agents like a prospective tenant who really knows their stuff. If you’re knowledgeable and inquisitive about a property, they won’t waste time showing you the lesser valued stuff.

A couple looking in an estate agent's windowA couple looking in an estate agent's window

2.Look behind everything
Walk in to a living room or bathroom and find the furniture layout to be surprisingly weird? Start looking behind cabinets and chairs to see if there’s anything being hidden. This is particularly true if you’re a student as chipped walls and damp in bathrooms is often just let to get worse and hidden behind drawers.

3.Ask for extra
If you think you need an extra set of drawers in the bedroom, or a better clothesline in the garden, ask. You don’t want to be moving in to a property that will instantly live down to your expectations. In many case a lot of quick fixes fall under the remit of the landlord anyway, saving you money over the course of your tenancy.

4.Underestimate your stuff
Don’t think about where everything you own will fit if you’re going to move in to a property. Try and think about living essentially when viewing and you’ll suddenly realise you might have just a little bit too much in your home.

5.Open and close shut
Check that all the windows and doors open without any problems. Why is this important? Because you don’t want to find yourself living in a boiling apartment in the summertime. Same goes for in the winter too. Check that the boiler and radiators are working properly during your visit to save wasting money on heating bills in the cold months.

6. If you are going to buy industrial equipment for your property, make sure that you research the market appropriately, as because shopping for equipment for a business start up can be a daunting task and a lot of people end up paying over the odds for equipment, instead of spending time researching. If you are looking for industrial equipment check out Inducomm, a reliable, cheap and easy service- practical for business start-ups. Chillers for sale 

7. We highly suggest that instead of buying new furniture to replace the broken ones which are taking up spare in your house/apartment, that you inquire to firms about repairing the broken furniture. Joinery firms such as joiners Allstar Joinery who are very adaptable to the repair of any product or construction big or small. For more information on how to get your furniture repaired, have a look on the following link to see your options:

8. Once you’ve bought your property, don’t rush into buying furniture, because in most cases you’ll over-spend. Look into buying furniture second hand. If you are one of the people who have a stigma that second hand furniture is second rate furniture- then check out, because they sell furniture, which we’d class as being mint. All products that they acquire is re-furbished and sold in a high standard.

9. When you have found your perfect destination, then becomes the task of moving all of your furniture and possessions into your new rented accommodation. If you are moving city to city or from one side of a town to the other- we highly recommend using a smaller company alternatively to a nationwide company. Why? The prices will be more flexible with a smaller company compaired to the fixed rates that a bigger company is in a better position to do. I received this sort of personalized service when Ablemove helped me move to Liverpool from Bristol last summer. Have a look at ablemove bristol to liverpool removals for more information.

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