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Recently we were lucky enough to visit Glasgow Clyde College and talk with new students there about ways to save money. It wasn’t the usual  “studenty” talks with jokes about having cheap drinks at the bar and frozen pizzas for dinner every other day.

It was a chance to highlight ways students could be savvy with their money during term time. For a lot of adults, much of their uni life was spent balancing earning a degree with earning money while working. Many study courses to help advance their professional careers whether it be something professionally accredited such as an IOSH working safely course or something steeped in academia. Regardless one way students can do this is by using sites that help them to save money. The reasons to do so are endless, but as a few we talked with pointed out, saving a bit here and there can make for a better Christmas back home or even help fund a backpacking holiday in the summer instead of having to work double shifts and rely on tips.

A big part of the conversation focussed on websites that help students save money, and we’d thought it’d be a good idea to highlight important sites we came across. Here now are some of the best money saving and student finance sites out there.

The Student Room
This is really a cover all bases type of site. A lot of new students will have plenty of questions about student life and might not feel comfortable (or a little bit stupid) about asking them. This site really helps with informative sections on everything from accommodation advice and apprenticeships to uni courses and getting a loan.

As well as being the main site for helping students get to uni, they also have this special section of their site breaking down just what it costs to be a student. When we talked with our group, many didn’t realise how much specific course based literature was going to cost. Even if you’re not a student, try their three step cost formula and see how much money you might be wasting every month.

Money Saving Expert
A no-nonsense site with advice on practically every money related issue, MSE has great articles that break down what people need to know about money, how to use it, and how to make sure you can get the best from your bank. For many fresher’s, the student bank account they set up might be done simply because they were given a goody bag on their first day of term. Don’t let yourself fall in to that problem, read up on this site

Students love a good freebie, and this is the site to get it from. With sample products on everything imaginable and deals in popular name restaurants made just for students, it’s a more light-hearted site but still has value.

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